Monday, December 6, 2010

Producer / Director Reels

Small sample of commercial spots I have Produced, in some cases I also Directed.  See notes:

1.  :05 Highmark "Blue Attitude" Producer
2.  :20 Anthem "Pinball" Producer/Director
3.  :35 Highmark "Real People" Producer
4.  :45 United Illuminating "Bottom Line" Producer/Director
5.  :53 Network Health "The Right Plan" Producer
6.  1:05 Anthem "Big Props" Producer
7.  1:15 Highmark "Your Move" Producer
8.  1:30 Network Health "Mother Daughter" Producer @ 1:40 Director of Spokeswoman portion
9.  1:54 BCBS of New Mexico "Chips Choice" Producer/Director
10.  2:11 Highmark "Radio Call In" Producer
11.  2:25 Matrix Direct "Theme Park" Producer/Director

A mix of Commercial TV spots, Direct Mail Packages and Websites I cut together to showcase the Agency's creative abilities.  While there I was the Director of Broadcast Production/Executive Producer.

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